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Bizarre alien visitor in Solar System

The recently detected interstellar object that is now visiting our solar system is providing planetary scientists with their first close up view of an extrasolar asteroid. ...more
2017-11-22   22:36:02 IST

Mugabe resigns for 'smooth transfer of power'

<p>Zimbabwe's Parliament has erupted in cheers as the speaker announces the resignation of President Robert Mugabe.</p> ...more
2017-11-22   22:36:02 IST

Journalist shot dead by Tripura State Rifles jawan

In a span of two moths, another journalist has been killed in Tripura. Sudip Dutta Bhowmick (49) was allegedly shot dead by a soldier of the 2nd Batallion of Tripura State Rifles following an altercation in RK Nagar area in eastern part of Agartala. The incident took place around lunch hour at the entrance gate of the camp. According to reports, Sudip Datta Bhowmik went to meet Commandant of TSR 2nd battalion Tapan Debbarma but he was prevented b ...more
2017-11-22   20:36:02 IST

Kim Jong Un's unbelievable life ofluxury

North Korea’s controversial supreme leader Kim Jong Un has an estimated $5 billion of state funds at his disposal, according to the Huffington Post.&nbsp; ...more
2017-11-22   20:36:02 IST

Did you know? It rains diamonds on Jupiterand Saturn

Think this is just another load of fake news? Think again – all of the following statements are totally true! ...more
2017-11-22   20:36:02 IST

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