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Construction of world's largest telescope commences in the middle of Chile's Atacama Desert

The dry atmosphere of the Atacama provides as near perfect observing conditions as it is possible to find on Earth, with some 70 percent of the world's astronomical infrastructure slated to be located in the region by the 2020s.  ...more
2017-05-28   18:30:05 IST

NASA scientists decode the reason for lunar orbiter's 'wild and jittery' 2014 images!

From the sudden and jagged pattern apparent in the image, the LROC team determined that the camera must have been hit by a tiny meteoroid, NASA said in a statement on Friday. ...more
2017-05-28   18:30:05 IST

NASA's SDO catches the moon crossing the sun in a partial lunar eclipse!

Another lunar transit will occur later this summer on August 21, wherein the moon will only barely hide part of the sun. ...more
2017-05-28   18:30:05 IST

Have trouble sleeping? Climate change is about to make it worse!

Researchers have long known that being too hot or too cold at night can disturb anyone’s sleep, but nobody had thought to ask how that might affect people in a world grown hotter because of climate change. ...more
2017-05-28   18:30:05 IST

Switzerland voters back govt's plan to replace nuclear power with renewable energy

In a referendum on Sunday, May 21, more than 58% voted in favour of a government's law that will ban new nuclear plants in the country. ...more
2017-05-25   22:30:05 IST

Snakes are not lone hunters, they slither in groups to increase success

Researchers from the University of Tennessee (UT) in the US observed the Cuban boa - the island nation's largest native terrestrial predator - in bat caves for the study. ...more
2017-05-25   22:30:05 IST

Scientists reveal how planet's biggest animal 'whale' became big

According to new research from scientists, it was only recently in whale's evolutionary past that they became so enormous. ...more
2017-05-25   22:30:05 IST

Tree plantation not a substitute to cut CO2 emissions, says study

Plants suck CO2 out of the atmosphere to build their woody roots, stems and leaves. ...more
2017-05-21   20:30:04 IST

SpaceX Dragon becomes the delivery boy; to supply equipment, research to ISS

It will lift into orbit carrying crew supplies, equipment and scientific research to crewmembers aboard the ISS. ...more
2017-05-21   20:30:04 IST

Antarctica is on the verge of turning green, thanks to climate change!

The scientists analysed data for the last 150 years, and found clear evidence of “changepoints” — points in time after which biological activity clearly increased — in the past half century. ...more
2017-05-21   18:30:03 IST

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